Some simple checks to keep you safe this winter

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Our valued client, Quality Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd, has kindly shared these handy pointers for keeping your home safe this winter:

  1. Check chrome braided water hoses for rust. These hoses are found on your toilet cistern, under basins and sinks. Corrosion is a sure sign for a possible split and water damage
  2. Check for gas leaks under your gas hot plate, this can simply be done by opening your cupboard, following the pipe line into the cooker and smelling. A gas leak will be quickly picked up by your nose if present
  3. For your hot water system, check your relief valves. On a storage type hot water system there are usually two valves. If leaking or jammed, these can cause a tank to split and leak
  4. Check your water meter. Turn all taps to your home off, then go and look at your water meter dial. If you can see the dial is perfectly still, this means no leaks. If it’s spinning, you may have a leak which could cause damage and needs to be found sooner rather than later

For more information, contact Marcos Gonzalez Quality Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd on or phone on 08 9454 9755.

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You might be very glad you did.

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