A word on Public and Products Liability Insurance...


Public and Products Liability Insurance

Public and Products Liability Insurance is designed to cover you if you or your business is held accountable for third party injury or property damage. 
Here’s a summary of what to remember when making a Public and Products Liability Insurance claim:
  1. Under no circumstances admit liability verbally or in writing
  2. Implement the following procedure if an event occurs that is likely to give rise to a claim:


  • Take all reasonable steps to protect the person or property from further injury
  • Record any details regarding the incident, the third party and any witness
  • Contact Phoenix Insurance Brokers immediately for advice
  • Don’t give interviews or statements to anyone unless they are acting on behalf of your Insurer or your own organisation
  • No correspondence should be entered into with a third party except to acknowledge receipt of the claim. The letter should read as follows:

       ‘Without Prejudice’

       We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence concerning the incident at……

       This is receiving our attention. 

  • Forward all letters of demand, writs/summonses to Phoenix Insurance Brokers as soon as you receive them
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