A word on Workers' Compensation...


Workers' Compensation insurance protects employers from large financial losses resulting from employees' work related injuries.
It also protects workers by providing financial compensation by way of weekly payments and payments for all medical and vocational rehabilitation expenses related to the injury.
The definition under the Act of who is covered under the policy goes beyond the traditional employer/employee relationship and may include persons who perform work for or on behalf of a company. 
The definition of a ‘worker’ includes:
  • full-time workers on a wage or salary
  • cash workers
  • part-time, casual and seasonal workers
  • workers on commission
  • piece workers
  • working directors (optional)
  • contractors and sub-contractors (in some circumstances)
  • family members
An injured worker may have the right to lodge a claim against an employer for unsafe work practices that have resulted in an injury being sustained by the worker. This type of claim may fall under the Common Law section of the Workers' Compensation policy.
It is also a statutory requirement that employers have Common Law covered under their policy to a minimum amount of $50,000,000. This limit can be increased upon request and payment of an additional premium.
At Phoenix Insurance Brokers, our staff are highly trained in the requirements of the Workers' Compensation Act and can provide advice in the areas of:
  • An employer’s rights and obligations as defined by the Act
  • Negotiating and arranging a policy to protect the employer’s interests
  • Assisting with the claim process
  • Maintaining connections with external providers for the ongoing management of a claim and ensuring the employer’s rights are protected.
  • Assessing the nature, cost and extent of the claim
Should you require any assistance with Workers' Compensation or you'd like to discuss your obligations as an employer, contact your local Phoenix Insurance Brokers branch today.





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