Full insurance in fire prone regions is essential

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Bushfire season is upon us again so it’s time to get your property ready especially if you live within 100m of bushland. Even houses 500m from bushland can be at risk as sparks from main fires can trigger house fires hundreds of metres ahead, particularly if there are leaves in gutters, dry vegetation lying around or evaporative air conditioners on rooves.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) produces a helpful guide to assist home owners to reduce bushfire risk – the full document can be found here

Apart from preparing your property, it’s really important to have the right insurance in place, particularly as our changing climate is making bushfires the fastest growing natural peril risk in Australia.

Phoenix Insurance Brokers can discuss your particular insurance requirements with you and advise on the best policies. We’ll make sure you’re adequately protected and covered for all potential losses from home and contents to motor vehicles, caravans, boats and other valuable items.

But it’s not just houses that need to protected – businesses can be impacted too. The loss of power and communications near a business due to a bushfire can take weeks to restore impacting your productivity and bottom line.

Even if you have insurance in place, it’s a really good idea to review it from time to time (perhaps annually or at least every second year) as things can change and you accumulate more assets or conversely reduce them.

Have a chat to one of our friendly Phoenix Insurance staff today by calling 9367 7399 or email us on info@phoenixins.com.au and rest easy this summer.

Source: CGU website www.cgu.com.au

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