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Even if you’re travelling intrastate, such as, Perth to Broome, it’s a good idea to take out travel insurance. It’s also wise to inform yourself as to what is and isn’t covered in your policy. For example, if you plan to do sports and activities, they may be covered, but more extreme activities may not be.

Many people rely on the travel insurance that comes with their credit card but it’s worth checking what yours covers because not all travel insurance policies are the same.  If you’re going overseas, you may want to check:

  • Whether your policy has 24 hour global emergency assistance. Does it provide on-site medical experts for timeous medical intervention in an emergency?
  • Does your credit card cover cruising? Are there restrictions to the number of consecutive days at sea to ensure coverage?
  • What standard of medical care is stipulated in your policy? Is it First World Care or Reasonable Care? This may make a difference depending on where you’re travelling.

These and other questions are important considerations when taking our travel insurance.

And, did you know that most travel insurance policies will exclude cover if you’re under the influence of alcohol? This isn’t just for travel insurance – it applies to personal accident policies too.

If there’s one take away point for all insurance policies – it’s to know what you’re covered for.

If you’d like to talk to us about travel or personal insurance, contact us today. You might be very glad you did.

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