Don't underestimate the value of your contents


Often people don’t realise the true value of their contents until it’s too late. If you’re the victim of theft or damage, you’d be doubly traumatised to find full replacement of your possessions is beyond your financial reach. Here’s how to ensure you have adequate contents cover:

  • Walk from room to room making an inventory list of the items contained in each room and the value of replacing each item  ΜΆ  remember to include floor coverings and window treatments 
  • Go outside and do the same for the contents of your patio, garden shed, workshop or storeroom
  • Total up each area of the home then check your existing policy to see if they match
  • Keep a copy of your receipts for expensive items as proof of ownership.

The cost of increasing the value of your contents is relatively minor. Your local Phoenix Insurance broker can review your existing policy and answer any questions regarding contents insurance. Call 9367 7399 today. You might be glad you did.