Stay safe this summer if you work outdoors


It’s the height of summer and across the country, many Australians find themselves working in extreme conditions typical of this time of year. Workers can experience fatigue, which can result in lapses of attention. The inability to focus has been known to cause injuries, forcing companies to submit workers’ compensation claims.

Responsible businesses take steps to prevent accidents from happening and make sure their workers are aware of, and take precautions for, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. These conditions are characterised by excessive sweating, which reduces blood volume. Paleness, sweating, a fast heart rate, muscle cramps, nausea and dizziness are also symptoms. In the worst case scenario, a person’s internal body systems can shut down.

To reduce the chances of heat related conditions:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid sugary drinks like soft drinks and juices as they’re not advisable in hot conditions
  • Schedule certain jobs to be conducted in the cooler parts of the day

For more information about keeping safe while working in the heat, visit the Worksafe website HERE.

Employers should also make sure they have adequate workers’ compensation in place should heat related incidences occur.

For more information, call your local Phoenix Insurance Broker to discuss getting the right workers’ compensation in place for your business.


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