Loading up the Caravan for a Winter Holiday? Don’t Overload!

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Winter has well and truly descended upon the southern part of Western Australia and with the colder weather many people are heading north to holiday in the warmth.

Caravans, more commonplace on our roads these days, are being manufactured in many different configurations to capture the needs, wants and budgets of an ever-growing market. Something they all have in common however is that they’re not cheap. And, like any other large personal asset, it makes good sense to take our insurance should something unforeseen happen.

Most caravan insurance policies are quite comprehensive covering loss or damage similar to motor vehicle insurance. As with most other insurance policy wordings (or Product Disclosure Statements (PDS)), caravan insurance policies come with some exclusions.

A common exclusion is when a caravan’s use is unlawful. For example, when a caravan is being towed, users need to be aware of their vehicle’s towing capacity and their caravan’s weight. If the tow vehicle’s towing capacity is less than the weight of the caravan, the use could be considered unlawful and a potential claim may be reduced or even declined. Furthermore, when loading a caravan ready for towing, the weight of the contents should also be considered as it will increase the overall weight of the caravan and could take it beyond the towing vehicle’s capacity.

If ever in doubt as to whether your tow vehicle meets the capacity of your caravan’s loaded weight, refer to your vehicle and caravan manufacturer.

For more information on caravan insurance, speak to one of our friendly Phoenix Insurance Broker team members and refer to the PDS relevant to your policy.

Happy Travels from the Phoenix team.

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