Does your workers compensation cover apply to casual or seasonal workers?

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As we’re now in the mild season in the Broome area, many businesses are employing seasonal workers. Workers’ compensation for your staff is an area that may need your attention. Business owners are well advised to take the opportunity to review their workers’ compensation insurance to make sure they remain in compliance with the law.

Seasonal employees work occasionally and for a finite period of time. In many instances, this means they may not have the experience to take all the necessary precautions during their work. Also, due to their temporary status, a lot of employers do not give these workers as much training as they give permanent staff.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps ensure that any seasonal workers injured on the job will have their resulting medical expenses covered.

It may also protect business owners from legal costs should an employee sue over an injury.

For more information, the WorkCover WA website sets out the rules around covering your workers.

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