Security Tips to Help Tradies Protect Their Tools

There is only one sure-fire way to keep your tools protected, and that is by taking out quality trades insurance from a trusted company. Quality trades insurance will cover you for not only the theft of your tools but can also include Public Liability & Workers Compensation.

Why Should You Be Covered?

No matter how hard you try, thieves will try harder. Although good security and vigilance on the protection of your tools will go a long way, there is always an opportunity for thieves to gain access to your equipment. Thieves know the cost and resale value of your tools and will go to all lengths to take your property.

So How Do You Protect Your Tools?

Here are a few of the best practices to keep your tools safe. It is important to keep in mind that thieves will stop at nothing to gain access to your valuable tools.

Keep Your Tools Out of View
Thieves like to take the easy option and if they see your tools sitting out in the open they will pounce. If you’re not using your tools put them away and lock them up. At the very least it’s always important to keep your tools on your persons whether attached to your belt on in your pockets. This will make it much harder for thieves to gain access to your equipment without alerting you.

Store Your Tools Securely
Secure storage of your tools is a vital factor when hindering the capability of thieves. Store your equipment in a locked garage, within a locked car, inside a locked tool box. Every level of protection for your tools makes it far harder for thieves to gain access. Keep heavy duty locks on your tool boxes visible so they realise even if they steal the tool box, they would be unlikely to gain access to it.

Be Vigilant
Vigilance is key to assure the protection of your own tools and the tools of your fellow tradesmen. Keeping your equipment in a location always visible to at least one employee and hidden from passersby’s makes it much harder for thieves. It is always best to have a secured spot on every work site to assure all equipment is safe.

Label Your Tools
By labeling your tools, you will be more likely to recognise them if they show up on online marketplaces or if they are found by a police seizure. Another great idea is to engrave your tools with your details and keep any receipts to prove your ownership. Keeping an inventory of your tools with pictures also helps prove ownership and ensures you know what tools you have in the unfortunate situation of any going missing.

Get Insurance
Insurance is vital for all tradesmen. Even if you follow all previous tips to keep your tools safe, some thieves will still manage to get access to your equipment. It is always recommended that you find the right trade’s insurance broker to ensure your tools are safe. Insurance is the safety net you need to put your mind at ease and continue operating even in the unfortunate event that your equipment goes missing.

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