Workers' Compensation Insurance for Small Business Owners

Phoenix Insurance Brokers specialise in workers compensation insurance for the self-employed and small businesses.   We offer workers compensation quotes and policies to suit your small business needs.

Workers Compensation is a compulsory insurance in each state and territory of Australia and every employer must hold a workers compensation policy with a licensed insurer or with Workcover, the government agency responsible for overseeing the workers compensation and injury management system in Western Australia.

Workers Compensation scheme provides monetary and other compensation to workers injured at work or suffering an illness arising from work.  The scheme might provide the injured worker with benefits, medical expenses, hospital cover or indeed a lump sum, depending on the severity of the accident or illness. 

Premiums for workers compensation are generally calculate using a predetermined formula which set by each state.  Largely, it will be based on the salary you pay your employees, your claims history and the industry in which your small business operates.

Phoenix Insurance Brokers will provide ongoing maintenance and support of your Workers Compensation Insurance. Our aim is to provide an effective, continuous level of service in the following areas:

  • Review of policy, rate and classifications
  • Support with documentation including wages declarations and claim forms
  • Claims cost monitoring
  • Arrange meetings with insurers
  • Advice in implementing Risk Management Procedures
  • Advice on claims and support on managing difficult claims
  • General advice and support

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