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Phoenix Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd knows that as a tradesperson, your business comprises your tools and you. Without the tools you take with you from site to site, you can’t operate, so they need protecting. In addition, it’s important to insure yourself, as well as any staff you employ, against all the risks of on-site work.

Whether you call it Trades Insurance, Tradie Insurance, Traders Insurance or even Tools of the Trade Insurance ̶ having the right Trades Insurance in place will give you peace of mind and potentially save you thousands in the long run.

Tradie insurance isn’t a type of cover itself, instead, it’s the term used to describe a range of covers for trades including carpenters, electricians, gardeners, painters, plumbers and more.


Typical types of insurances packaged up for tradespeople can include:

Public Liability

This will cover you for any damage you cause to someone’s property, or any injury that you cause to a person. Some Public Liability claims can be quite minor, such as broken glass costing under $500. Serious and costly claims result from personal injury, where your actions have caused injury to someone.

Tools Insurance

This will cover you for the breakdown or theft of essential tools or machinery. Policies can differ considerably for example, some only cover tools if they’re locked up while others will cover unsecured tools; some policies provide cover for accidental damage, while others only cover damage caused by fire, water or vehicle accident. There are no policies however that cover damage to tools while in use.

Income Protection

Income protection covers your income when you can’t work in your trade for particular reasons.


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Phoenix Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd understands the risks involved with all types of tradies and we can advise you on the right combination of traders insurance policies for your needs. Some tradies will need more insurance depending upon their trade and their situation and some will need less, but ultimately, all tradies need some form of trades insurance.

When it comes to cost, your Phoenix Insurance Broker will work with you to find tradies insurance that meets your budget. We have established competitively priced Trades Insurance packages, underwritten by a secure international insurer, and we have negotiated exclusive rates and terms for our clients resulting in real savings for you.

What’s more, we can package your insurances together and you can spread your payments monthly, helping you to manage your cash flow. Your tradies insurance will also protect you Australia-wide.

We can also provide advice on Workers’ Compensation and Income Protection Insurance for you and your employees.


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Trades Insurance FAQs

What does Trades Insurance cover?

Trades insurance can cover you for a range of events and scenarios that can occur on site or at your own premises. You select the covers you require depending upon your situation and business circumstances and these are packaged up as your Trades Insurance. You can select from:

  • Public Liability
  • Property – physical loss or damage to your business premises
  • Tools
  • Legal action by employees
  • Legal action by government
  • Personal accident and sickness
  • Vehicles
  • Trailer
What doesn’t Tradies Insurance cover?

Because Tradie Insurance isn’t a type of cover itself, you select what you are and are not covered for. For example, typically trades people arrange insurance cover for public liability, their tools and income protection, but you can also arrange cover for life insurance which can include income protection, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) and trauma insurance. Each policy has its place in a comprehensive tradesman insurance package.

How much is Trades Insurance?

This is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is! The cost for Tradies Insurance will be determined by a range of different factors depending on whether you are a sole trader needing the minimum cover of say under $500, to $10,000 plus for larger or higher-risk trade businesses.

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