Thermographic Scans

Thermographic Scans – Fire Prevention

Faulty electrical equipment is a major source of fires in business. Regular thermographic scans can be an effective, low-cost control for preventing fires and major shutdowns caused by faulty electrical equipment and machinery in your business.

What is a thermographic scan?

A thermographic scan uses an infrared camera to record the temperature distribution on the surface of a piece of equipment. They are used on electrical distribution boards (or switchboards), machine bearings or other heat-producing equipment.

Thermographic scans are generally used to assess the following types of equipment:
  • Ducts and cable runs
  • Main switch and distribution boards
  • Private substation equipment
  • Motors and motor control panels
  • Conveyor bearings
  • Refractory linings in furnaces and kilns
  • Other business critical plant and equipment.

How to organise a thermographic scan

We have organised trained professionals who can conduct thermographic scans for as little as $450 + GST per location.  If you are interested in organising a scan, please contact David or Shelley on

Detecting hot spots

A thermographic scan can detect “hot spots” (raised temperature) relative to:
  • the surrounding surface / components
  • a similar piece of equipment operating under similar conditions, or
  • a past thermographic scan of the same piece of equipment.

Any hot spots represent potential faults (now or in the future). Trained professionals can analyse and prioritise those faults for investigation in accordance with industry standards.

Benefits of thermographic scans

Although conducting regular thermographic scans are a cost to your business, the benefits can be substantial:
  • Reduce the risk of electrical or mechanical faults occurring, leading to fire or major breakdown
  • Reduce risk of personal harm to staff and customers from fire or electrical shock
  • Reduce costs of unscheduled maintenance and shutdowns
  • Reduce repair costs by fixing a fault before major failure
  • Help manage the risks to your business or property.

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