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Phoenix is one of Western Australia’s leading fleet insurance brokers. Our personalised insurance service assists business owners in obtaining the most suitable fleet insurance to protect the company should something happen to their commercial vehicles.

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When it comes to insuring your fleet or business vehicles, Phoenix Insurance Brokers can work with you to put together the right business insurance package for your needs. As no two businesses are exactly alike, your Phoenix Insurance Broker will assess your commercial vehicle insurance needs and tailor a comprehensive policy to suit.

We have access to a range of commercial vehicle insurance policies that will give you the peace of mind your business vehicles are protected should the unforeseen occur.

Whether you run a fleet of vehicles or your business uses heavy motor vehicles, motorcycles, cars, utes, trailers, light trucks, transit vehicles, mobile machinery vans, or a mixture of all, Phoenix Insurance Brokers has the expertise to put the right commercial vehicle insurance package together for your business.

Incidentally, your business can claim the cost of your commercial vehicle insurance premiums as a tax deduction if you can prove the insurance relates to your ability to earn an assessable income.


Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The two main types of commercial car insurance are fleet insurance which covers multiple business vehicles, and business vehicle insurance, which covers individual business vehicles against damage and legal liability.

Any business owner can take out commercial vehicle insurance on their company vehicle. But, to qualify for fleet insurance, a business must own or lease a certain number of vehicles (usually around 15 or so).

Motor Fleet Insurance Cover

  • Phoenix Insurance Brokers provides flexible cover for all fleet sizes.
  • We can tailor business insurance to meet your specific needs with a choice of comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, and third-party cover for each vehicle insured while taking into consideration your business’s financial situation.
  • Our service also includes risk and claims management programmes. Our brokers can work on policies for your company to help minimise your risk in terms of mobile phone use, fatigue management, drug and alcohol policies, and in the event of a claim, we will ensure you receive all you are entitled to.

Business Car Insurance Cover

  • Phoenix Insurance Brokers can tailor packages for your specific business vehicle insurance requirements.
  • Business cover can be applied to all vehicle types.
  • Business vehicle insurance is essential for any company with vehicles registered under a business name.


Vehicle Insurance FAQs

What does fleet and business vehicle insurance cover?

Motor fleet insurance and business vehicle insurance can cover a range of unforeseen incidents and costs, including:

  • Accident, vandalism, and theft cover
  • Liability and legal costs for third-party property damage to your vehicle
  • Damage sustained while the vehicle is being operated by the policyholder or an authorised driver
  • Damage caused during attempted theft of the vehicle
  • Damage caused by goods falling from the vehicle or damage caused while the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded
  • Vehicle replacement costs
  • Repair costs
  • The disruption caused to your business due to loss or damage of vehicles
  • Reasonable and necessary costs of towing or storing a vehicle when it cannot be driven
  • Vehicle hire costs following an incident or accident.
What doesn’t fleet and business vehicle insurance cover?

Exclusions differ between policies but below are some common exclusions to fleet and business vehicle insurance cover. Your Phoenix Insurance Broker can help you understand the fine print, so there are no surprises and make sure you are aware of circumstances whereby a claim will not be approved. For example:

  • Modifications are made to the vehicle by parties other than the manufacturer, not shown on the insurance schedule. Modifications include putting in a more powerful engine or lowering suspension
  • Mechanical failure damage or damage due to rust or ‘wear and tear’
  • Damage caused because your car was either unsafe or was involved in some sort of race
  • Intentional damage
  • Damage caused by a driver who is unlicensed or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Damage caused by a driver not covered by the insurance policy or someone using the vehicle without permission
  • The vehicle was used unlawfully
  • The vehicle had been rented or borrowed by an employee for personal use
  • The driver does not take reasonable care to prevent the vehicle from suffering initial or further damage
  • The vehicle is carrying an excess load
  • Existing damage at the start of a policy
  • If an appropriate authority lawfully destroys the vehicle
How much is fleet and business vehicle insurance?

The premium for your commercial motor insurance is based on various factors, including:

  • Type of vehicles
  • Number of vehicles
  • Usage – how often vehicles are driven, how far they travel etc
  • Your or your employee’s driving records
  • Age of drivers
  • Gender – as women statistically have fewer accidents than men, premiums for women are usually lower

Your location – the number of thefts in your area is considered, as is the amount of local traffic and the road conditions
Where vehicles are kept – vehicles stored in a garage cost less to cover than a car parked in the open due to theft risk
To get an accurate estimate of costs, speak to the team at Phoenix Insurance Brokers.

Does your company’s commercial vehicle insurance insure your personal car if you drive it for work?

Whether or not your company’s car insurance policy covers your personal car is dependent on the specific policy. Some car insurance policies will cover your vehicle while being used for both personal and business purposes. However, many will only cover the vehicle while being utilised for business purposes. In this case, personal car insurance is also required.

Reach out to your Phoenix Insurance Brokers to discover what your commercial vehicle coverage includes or to find the best policy for your business.

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