By David White 20/12/2021
The Importance of Organising Events Insurance in Australia

Events insurance and public liability insurance is a vital cover for all event organisers and event venues. Find the right insurance cover with Phoenix Insurance.

By Ruth Read 23/11/2021
Insurance Checklist for Home-Based Businesses

Just because you’re operating your business from home, does not mean your home insurance will cover your business needs. Find the right insurance today.

By Joel Cameron 03/11/2021
Insurance for Tools: How to Protect Your Tools From Theft

If you are a tradesperson, you often rely on your tools to earn an income. What would happen if your tools were stolen or damaged? Protect your tools today.

By Mark Smith 27/10/2021
Protecting Your Business with Wholesaler and Distribution Insurance

Manage business risks and keep your business covered with insurance for wholesalers and distributors. Our insurance brokers will make sure you're covered.

By Ruth Read 24/10/2021
What Is Landlords Insurance?

If you have an investment property, it might be worth investing in suitable landlord insurance to keep your property and lifelong investment protected.

By Mark Smith 22/10/2021
How To Create a Cyber Security Insurance Business Plan

Needing to protect your business against cyber-attacks is a modern reality. Cyber insurance can help businesses survive through a cyber crisis.

By Shelley Hymas 04/10/2021
The Most Important Insurance for the Hospitality Industry

Whether you operate a café, food truck, small bar or a large restaurant, hospitality insurance should be one of your most important considerations. Read on.

By David White 30/08/2021
The Benefits of Business Package Insurance (Business Pack)

Want your business to be completely covered but not sure what insurance is required? Speak to Phoenix Insurance Brokers about business package insurance.

By David White 03/08/2021
Selecting the Right Franchise Insurance for Your New Business

The type of franchise you run will guide the type of insurance you need and your franchise insurance requirements. Find the most common franchise insurance.

By David White 29/06/2021
How to Identify Business Risks

Risks can be detrimental to a business. We've put together a guide to help you learn how to identify business risks and about managing business risk.

By David White 27/05/2021
What Does Underinsurance Mean in Australia?

Underinsurance is when you either don’t have insurance at all or the insurance cover you have is not enough for your needs. Find out if you're covered.

By David White 11/05/2021
Reinsurance Pool to Cover Cyclone and Related Flood Damage in Northern Australia

A $10 billion reinsurance pool has been announced to underwrite cover for cyclone and cyclone-related flood for northern Australia. Find out more.