Public Liability Claims Examples

In business, if you or one of your employees accidentally damages someone’s property or even someone else, Public Liability insurance can protect you. Here are some public liability claims examples:

A mechanic who makes house calls works on the brakes of a customer’s truck. As he tests the brakes, he drives into the back of the customer’s garage. The mechanic is responsible for the repairs. With public liability insurance he can claim on this.

A lawyer based in an office suite has a window air conditioner. It falls from the window due to improper installation. The shop below has an expensive commercial awning, and the unit rips through the awning. The lawyer is responsible for the damages.

A horse trainer works on a five-acre plot connected to a neighbouring orchard. A horse breaks free and tramples a full acre of newly planted seedlings. The trainer is responsible for the seedlings.

A customer trips on a loose brick in a walkway. Injuries caused due to uneven sidewalks, driveways, paths, steps or stairs are claimable.

Injuries due to slipping, tripping or falling within your store/place of business or on public grounds (restrooms, gardens, cafeterias) are claimable.

Injuries from falling objects that occur on your property are claimable. Even non-customers who walk by your property could open a claim. A member of the general public who walks by a construction site and is hit by a falling hammer, for example, can open a claim against the construction company.

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