Code of Practice

Phoenix Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is a subscriber to the Insurance Broking Code of Practice (the Code) which is published by the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).

The Code is intended to promote good relations between insurance brokers, their clients, insurers and other participants within the insurance industry. It also promotes efficiency in transactions by describing standards of good practice and the level of service to be expected from members. To obtain a copy of the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice, click here.

The Code is monitored by the Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee (IBCCC), which is a dedicated team providing Code monitoring and administration services. The most recent IBCCC Industry Benchmark Report is attached which demonstrates just some of the self-regulation work that we engage in as part of our commitment to transparency, accountability and best practice.

Steadfast Group Positions

Phoenix Insurance Brokers are also members of the Steadfast Group, and as a Steadfast network broker we have adopted the Steadfast Nine Positions (Positions). These Positions are a commitment to ensure that we meet and exceed our clients expectations and that of the broader WA community, which we are a proud to be a part of.

As they relate to customer service, these positions address:

  • Absolute focus on the best interests of clients at all times
  • Customer advocacy functionality to present any issues where we may not have met the customers expectation
  • Enhanced training and qualifications focus to promote professionalism within the industry
  • Reference checking of insurance brokers who work within the industry to ensure recruitment of high quality advisers
  • Transparency around remuneration and how we communicate the benefits that we may receive
  • Best practice and compliance / internal audit improvements

For more information on the Steadfast Positions please ask us.

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