4 Tips to Follow After A Car Accident

Hopefully, it will never happen but if you find yourself involved in a car accident, the following steps can guide you through the process:
  • First and foremost, do a health check and get to safety
  • Document the accident. If a third party is involved, exchange information. Get their name, phone number and car registration details
  • Even if you think the accident’s your fault, don’t say this to the other drivers or the police. Your insurance company is there to determine fault on your behalf
  • Once the dust settles, contact your broker who’ll assist in lodging your claim

As a general rule, know what you’re covered for. Don’t wait until after an accident to find out your policy doesn’t automatically cover costs for a replacement car, for example. In most cases, it only costs a few dollars a month to add rental car reimbursement to your policy.  For more information and to discuss your policy, call your local Phoenix Insurance broker today. You might be very glad you did.

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