Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance
By Kylie Hardy 23/10/2019
Travel Safe in 2019 With These Tips

With the end of 2019 fast approaching, many people will be heading overseas on holidays. No matter the destination, travelling overseas comes with risk. There are many possibilities for things to go wrong. Read on.

Personal Insurance
By Ruth Read 05/05/2019
School Fee Protect Insurance for Your Most Important Asset

What would happen to your child’s education if you lost your job or were injured and couldn't work? Not only would you have to deal with the stress of finding a new job, or recovering from an illness, you’d also have to find the money to pay the school fees, or potentially be faced with moving your child to another school.

Personal Insurance
By Kylie Hardy 28/02/2019
Keeping Your Vehicle and Possessions Safe

Theft from locked motor vehicles is estimated to be a bigger problem than what’s reported because most people don’t bother to involve the police, or claim on their insurance, when the value of stolen property is relatively low.

Personal Insurance
By David White 18/12/2018
Our Tips to Keep Your Home Safe Over the Holidays

Before you head off on holiday, read our tips to keep your home safe and reduce your risk of burglary. Touch base with your insurance broker to make sure you’re adequately covered.

Personal Insurance
By Kylie Hardy 10/01/2018
4 Tips to Follow After a Car Accident

Hopefully, it will never happen but if you find yourself involved in a car accident, the following steps can guide you through the process.

Personal Insurance
By David White 26/10/2017
Are You Bushfire and Cyclone Ready?

If you own property in Perth or WA's southern regions, you're well aware of the bushfire risk. While in the northwest, you're at risk of cyclone damage. Wherever you are, now's the time to ensure you're properly protected.

Personal Insurance
By Kylie Hardy 22/02/2017
Correctly Value Your Contents So You Aren’t Under-Insured

You may not realise the true value of your contents until you need to replace them and then it’s too late. If you suffer a fire or theft or your contents are damaged or lost you may find yourself in financial hardship replacing everything.