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Phoenix Insurance know that as a tradesman your business is you and your tools. You take them with you from site to site and without them you can't operate so you need to protect them.  In addition to this you need to insure yourself and your staff against all the risks of on-site work. We understand the risks that are involved with all types of trades and have experience in delivering insurance to meet these demands.

Traders insurance gives the likes of carpenters, plumbers and electricians peace of mind that they have comprehensive insurance for potential issues that can arise in a workplace, such as the breakdown or theft of essential machinery.  It also covers them for other employee compensation and income protection.

Phoenix Insurance Brokers have established a competitively priced Traders Insurance Package underwritten by a secure international insurer.

This traders insurance package is designed to provide trade related insurance protection and peace of mind against a range of risks and delivers financial protection against insured events including:

  • Property damage
  • Theft
  • Public Liability
  • Australia wide protection for tools of trade

Having specialised in this class of insurance for many years, our portfolio has grown to the point that we have successfully negotiated exclusive rates and terms for our clients. This means real savings for you. Our vast experience with Trades Insurance means that we are well positioned to advise you on the kinds of cover that best suit your needs.

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