We provide café insurance advice to small business owners across Australia

Running your own café can be a satisfying way to earn a living. You’re your own boss so you can choose your own hours. You can build up a loyal clientele and enjoy interacting with your regulars over their daily caffeine fix. You can even get creative in the kitchen if that’s your thing.

However you choose to run your café business, one thing is certain – café business insurance is essential to cover you if and when the unexpected happens. When you’re in the hospitality industry and you’re dealing with the public, this tends to be a certainty rather than a maybe.

Whether your venue is large or small, there’s a host of café insurance policies on the market. There might also be compulsory business insurance such as public liability insurance for example, which landlords usually require you to have – but there are also types of insurance you shouldn’t be without if you want to protect your business.

You’ll no doubt have invested in equipment and appliances to help you operate. You’ll also have staff to take care of and most likely cash on the premises. For these reasons and more, it’s important to ensure you’re protected should something go wrong. Having the right café insurance to cover you will see you get back to serving your loyal clientele as quickly as possible in the event you need to make a claim.

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Cliff and his experienced team have been providing insurance solutions to Australian businesses for over twenty years, proudly working under the Steadfast cluster group.

Atsure Pty Ltd ATFT Atkinson Family Trust is an privately owned Corporate Authorised Representative for Phoenix Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd.

Based in the Phoenix Insurance Brokers Busselton office Team Atsure services a dynamic client base throughout Australia.

Team Atsure specialise in:
  • Heavy Motor Fleet /Commercial Motor Risk
  • Earthmoving Contractors Plant & Equipment Risk
  • Rural Farming & Associated Business Risk
  • Business & Professional Office Packages
  • Industrial Special Risks
  • Workers Compensation & Associated Risk Management
  • Commercial and Domestic Strata
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity & Management Liability Risk
  • Carriers Protect & Annual Cargo Risk
  • Group Accident – Journey Insurance
  • Cyber Risk

We believe in old fashioned service from start to finish. Our experienced team understands our client’s needs and requirements and we deliver a genuine and efficient service including prompt claims management.

The team understand their client’s needs and aim to deliver genuine, efficient and prompt service .Our claims team also provide injury management services for work and non-work related injuries which includes return to work planning, claims management advice, process establishment and related services.

For a Fresh Approach to Insurance Broking call (08) 97 542 296 and ask for the Atsure team.

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  • Jessica Mercer

    Authorised Representative - Team Atsure

  • Megan Haslam

    Authorised Representative - Team Atsure

  • Christopher Quin

    Authorised Representative - Team Atsure

  • Jacqui Tucker

    Authorised Representative - Team Atsure

  • Shannen Francis-Williamson

    Authorised Representative - Team Atsure

  • Jehan Elkadri

    Finance & Administration

Café Insurance from Phoenix Insurance Brokers

At Phoenix Insurance Brokers, we know business insurance can be complex and challenging. That’s why we work alongside our clients making sure they have the best level of protection. And, as a valued Phoenix client, in the event of a claim, we always go the extra mile to ensure all entitlements are received. Every café and coffee shop business are different, with different business insurance requirements. That’s why there’s a range of insurance policies on the market to protect your business from these risks. Your Phoenix Insurance Broker knows and understands the risks and can work with you to make sure you have the right business insurance cover in place for your café.

Knowledge, Experience, Service

Business insurance is complex. Knowing which policies to choose for your business involves specialist knowledge. Phoenix Insurance Brokers has been providing insurance advice to Western Australian businesses for more than 30 years. We have the knowledge and experience to know what you need to protect your business and our service is second to none. And you’ll love our friendly and highly qualified team.

We’re A Steadfast Broker

Using Phoenix Insurance Brokers Perth gives you access to economies of scale and insurance packages specially developed through our alliance with the Steadfast Group, Australia’s largest insurance broker cluster group. Our Steadfast alliance ensure our clients receive Phoenix’s signature personalised service together with the benefits of Steadfast’s impressive buying power.

Full Suite Of Insurance Services

Phoenix can assist with all your general insurance needs including accessing and reviewing your insurance, full claims management, arranging premium funding and risk management. Not only will your Phoenix Insurance Broker help you decide which policies are right for your café, but they can also package multiple policies together so you only pay one premium that you can spread out over a year (to assist with cash flow).

Located Throughout WA

We’re here to assist you every step of the way. With three locations throughout the state in Como, Busselton, and Broome, one of our insurance branches is local to you. Our head office is in Preston Street in Como. Our Broome office represents our clients in the state’s North-West while our Busselton office has been servicing our clients in the South-West for almost 20 years. We also cater to clients in the Rockingham and Peel regions.

Trusted Expert Advice in Café Insurance

Insurance can be complex. Often you think you’re doing the right thing by taking out a particular public liability policy, or a more generic business insurance policy, only to find you’re not adequately covered for a scenario when it comes to making a claim. This can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating.

As experienced business insurance brokers who understand small business and the hospitality industry, Phoenix can work with you to ensure you have the right policies in place to protect your café so that if the worst should happen, or something unforeseen occurs, you can get back to serving your customers as soon as possible. With Phoenix, we can take care of the details, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to get on and do what you do best.

Some people dream of running their own café or coffee shop because it can mean getting away from the 9 to 5 grind and not having to answer to someone else. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges and risks along the way and a lot of hard work. While we can’t help you serve your customers, we can put you on the right path when it comes to insurance. Whether you’re starting something from scratch or buying a franchise, and whether your venue seats 50 or 500, having the right insurance in place is essential to protect your business against unexpected challenges.

What Insurance Policies Cover Cafes?

We know you have a lot to do when you’re running your own café, so you probably don’t have time to sift through the different types of insurance policies available on the market. That’s where we can help. After getting to know your business and your budget, we’ll weigh up all the risks and your unique business situation and suggest policies tailored to your café or coffee shop business. Below are some of the different types of insurance you need to consider for your café or coffee shop business.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance can protect you against third party claims. If a customer gets injured or has an accident, or even if a delivery person injures themselves while on your premises, a personal injury claim could be made against you. Café public liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance if you run a café. Our team will help keep your public liability insurance premiums low while ensuring your insurance covers your business adequately.

Theft Insurance

Theft insurance, (which falls under business insurance), falls into 3 categories:

  • Theft: covering the loss of your contents and stock from theft, attempted theft, armed hold-up or an actual or threatened assault.
  • Money: covers the loss of or damage to your business’ money from a wide variety of sources, including theft, armed hold-up, and fire, whether the money is on your premises or in transit.
  • Employee dishonesty: covers the theft of your contents or money by any one of your employees either acting alone or in collusion with others.

Product Liability Insurance

One of the biggest threats to a business serving food and drink to people is food poisoning. If someone gets sick after eating at your café, they can potentially have cause to make a claim against you. This could really damage your bottom line if you’re not adequately protected.

Product Liability insurance can cover you for the cost of any damages awarded to a claimant and the costs associated with investigating and defending the claim made against you.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

If your cool room or fridge or your coffee machine breaks down, you can lose income, customers, and reputation so it’s important to make sure your essential equipment at the very least is covered.

Insurance cover for your equipment can protect you against repair or replacement costs. Cover can also extend to protect you from loss of stock if food is spoiled due to equipment failure.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

You can’t run a café without staff and your workers need protection especially if they operate machinery and are up on their feet and interacting with the public. Worker’s Compensation insurance is mandatory throughout Australia and protects you if your staff are injured while at work.

Business Interruption Insurance

If there’s a flood on your street and you lose power for a period of time, or something beyond your control prevents you from running your café, Business Interruption insurance can cover your operating expenses, such as your leasing costs or franchise fees, and may also cover the costs of food spoilage. Our experienced brokers will take into account the financial situation of your cafe and provide educated advice and recommendations.

Get Covered For What’s Important to Your Business

Opening your own café can be fun and rewarding. Of course, you know it’s going to be hard work, but you’re ready for a new challenge. Or maybe you’re already up and running but that nagging voice in your head is telling you to get your insurance sorted. Now that we’ve covered the basics and some insurance options for you to consider above, there’s no better time than today to get in touch with your local Phoenix Insurance Broker to talk about how we can help you safeguard your business.

While insurance is our business, our philosophy is about people and building strong, solid relationships with them. We partner with all our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes, for them, their families, and their businesses.

Cafe Insurance FAQs

What are the most common types of insurance taken out by cafés and coffee shops?

The most common types of café insurance are Public Liability, Product Liability, Café Business Insurance which can cover your café premises, your contents, any machinery and equipment breakdowns, business interruption, glass, and money (if cash is stolen, lost or damaged somehow).

I employ a lot of casual employees in my café, do I need to take out workers’ compensation for them?

You must have workers’ compensation insurance for anyone you employ at your café including full-time workers on a wage or salary, part-time, casual, and seasonal workers. This is one of the most important types of insurance for cafés.

If I need to make a cafe insurance claim, how do I do it?

In the event, you need to make a claim, get in touch with your Phoenix Insurance Broker and we’ll guide you from there. Remember that we work for you, not the insurance company. Whether you need advice, you need to make a claim on your café insurance or change your policy, your Phoenix Broker will take care of all your café insurance needs.

Can I make changes to a cafe insurance policy?

Yes, you can make changes to your café insurance policy. If things change, like your address, or your café grows and you employ more staff, and you want to make sure your insurance still covers you, simply call your Phoenix Insurance Broker on (08) 9367 7399 or email us at info@phoenixins.com.au

How do I renew my cafe insurance policy/ies?

Your café insurance renewal offer will be sent to you prior to the renewal date. Once you are happy with the details (taking into account any changes in cover and price), all you’ll need to do is pay your renewal by the due date. Your Phoenix Broker is there to discuss with you at any stage of the renewal process.

Can I spread my cafe insurance premium out or do I need to pay annually?

It’s up to you! Your Phoenix Insurance Broker can work with you to not only bundle your café insurance policies into a package that’s tailored to your requirements, but they can also help you to manage your premiums by showing you how you can pay them monthly to assist with cash flow or if you prefer, paying them annually. Phoenix is your café insurance broker!

How do I contact Phoenix Insurance Brokers about cafe insurance?

For all your café insurance needs and questions, contact us on (08) 9367 7399 or at info@phoenixins.com.au. You can also view our full contact details and locations.

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